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Basic Equipment Overview

Beyond the equipment used for the work stations. We also carry the following.
  • Desolder tools
  • Solder
  • First aid kit
  • Magnification glasses
  • Cord Protector
  • Tool box

Desoldering Tools

Desolder plunger

You can get a desolder plunger for around $6. It will allow you to easy de-solder simple errors. Its is amazing how many people put LEDs and battery holders in backwards, or on the wrong side of the board.

I use a plunger when I build the prototype kits. When you run more then 20 stations you might want to move up to a de-soldering gun.

Desolder Gun

We current have 2 Hokko 808 desoldering guns. We have noticed when running 45 stations the techs are sometimes waiting for the desolder gun to be available.

The Hokko 
have been end-of-life and have been looking at replacement models. The Hakko FR300 looks good, We see it on amazon for $250, but have not purchased one.

We also tried a China S-998P it looked interesting at $135, but we have not found a source for replacement parts. Hakko is great! they sell every part needed to make their desolder guns. The S-998P arrived broken and we spent 3 months trying to get the part from the seller to fix it.